Quietly Laughing, Joking, Just After Midnight

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Just after midnight they climb the inner stairs of a 25 floor apartment building located deep within the city, quietly laughing, joking, whispering sweet nothings to the other as they climb. The stairs are thin, rarely used. The smell of mildew fills the air. Neither notice.

The door at the top of the stairs to the roof is locked with a Padlock. He pulls out a small lockpick, spending a few minutes jiggling the pick inside the lock. She silently watches. Seconds later, the lock opens.

Slowly, quietly, he opens the door, stepping aside, letting her walk onto the roof first, quietly closing the door after he enters.

The roof’s partially lit from the lights of nearby buildings, partially lit from the moonlight and stars.

Together they walk towards the side of the roof. Two sleeping bags lay next to a five foot high Plexiglas boarder wall surrounding the roof.

Together they take a seat atop their sleeping bags, holding each other, chatting as they enjoy views of the city, till they fall asleep within each others arms.


Quietly Laughing, Joking, Just After Midnight, Written By George Farina: GeorgeFarina.net

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