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I’m Thinking Of A Women

February 10th, 2021

I’m thinking of a women,
with long hair,
sensual scents as she nears,
plump breasts,
a warm touch,
kind, doey eyes.
I’m thinking of a woman,
with a smile that slowly brightens,
like a morning sunrise,
a pleasant personality, natural, alluring,
sometimes energetic,
sometimes compassionate,
sometimes vulnerable,
snuggling together, late at night,
under the covers,
body heat,
slow, soft heart beats,
as we fall asleep.

A Letter

February 10th, 2021

A letter to someone who died before their time, from someone who didn’t get to live.

I wonder if you grew old, grew old like I did.
I slowed. I dose.
Life passed me by, long before I started to slow, started to dose.
You perished, passed away.
The parties. The women. The good times we didn’t have.
We missed out. Maybe we got jipped.
What if you survived and I died.
At least one of us would have lived.