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Where The Water Gel’s With The Sand

September 14th, 2022

A lady in her late 20’s walks alone in the Ocean where the water gels with the sand. She’s wearing a summer dress. Her dirty blond hair is long, wavy and moist. A leather shoulder strap purse hangs from her shoulder, moving elegantly with her hips as she walks.

Her hair and dress blow lightly in the warm Ocean breeze. Water flows slowly over her feet. An orange and yellow sky surrounds the sun as it sets deep into the Ocean.

As day turns to dusk, she exits the Ocean, taking a seat upon her laid out towel, looking deep into the sky. Soon thereafter, laying her head to sleep.

The night rapidly grew cold. She curls up to keep warm, tightly pressing her legs against her midsection and breast, pulling her towel over her body, tucking her arms between her thighs.

The next morning the sun begins to warm the cold Ocean air. Shivering, she slowly sits up, running her feet through the dry sand as she warms. A lighter blue sky hovers over the much darker ocean. The waves are larger than the previous night. The sounds are crisper, louder. The air is windier.

Alone, with desperation in her voice, she sings, vocals scream from within. Lyrics filled with despair. Her voice filled with beauty, echoing, mile after mile, harmonious, desperate tones flow from deep within her lungs.


Written by George Farina:

The 1980’s Were 30 Years Ago

January 1st, 2022

As of 2020, the 1980’s were 30 years ago. For many of us, the decade is difficult to forget.

The 80’s represent energy, Boomboxes, Breakdancing, Legwarmers, Headbands, Nightclubs, Skating Rinks, Saturday Morning Cartoons, MTV, Supercars, Arcades, Rae Bans, Heavy Metal Rock Bands and much more.

The 1980’s represent freedom. Freedom of speech. The type of freedom allowing a person to be themselves and express themselves without many of the consequences people often face from society today. Though, what I feel the 1980’s represent most is creativity. More cool, unique things were introduced in the 1980’s than any other decade I’ve either lived through or learnt about.

Supercars became a thing in the 80’s. 80’s music became a thing. Many of the tunes introduced in the 80’s are still played today. Boomboxes, Breakdancing, Legwarmers, Computers, Video Games, Saturday Morning Cartoons and Rae Bans all became things in the 1980’s. Things many of us still enjoy today.

Atari came to life in the 1980’s. The 80’s started a video gaming boom, loud enough to keep the industry booming to this very day.

Computers were introduced to the general public in the 1980’s. Many who lived through the 80’s have exceptionally good memories of the Commodore 64, early IBM and Apple computers.

During the 80’s most didn’t have to worry about hacking. Heck, I don’t even think I knew what computer hacking was till the early 1990’s. People didn’t have to worry about others intruding on their enjoyment of life. The 80’s offered a sense of freeness.

The 1980’s were also responsible for one of the greatest sports stories in history. The 1980 men’s Olympic hockey team. Nothing screams 80’s louder than a story about an unknown team or person going from the unknown to greatness.

Though, the decade wasn’t without issues. There was plenty of violence. There was drug abuse. I’m not talking about recreational drugs. Some of the drugs many used in the 80’s were much more destructive. Drugs that weren’t good. Drugs I don’t feel represented the decade.

Luckily, I didn’t see the corrupt side of the 1980’s. By the mid 1980’s I was 11. At 11, it’s difficult to see the bad. Even today, I know those things only represented a small percentage of the decade. A decade I remember today, 30 years later, with great fondness.

Written by George Farina

A Homeless Woman Sits In An Alley Writing

January 1st, 2022
A Homeless Woman Sits In An Alley Writing
These words I write late at night. These words I write without fright. Siren’s, flashing lights fly past. A couple a few apartments above argue. The pavement’s cold. The temperature’s warm. Nightclubs just closed. Plenty of clubgoers walking the streets, socializing, joking, laughing, as they make their way home. City buses are frequent. Neon signs light up the end of the alley. The moon’s bright. Stars are vast. The alley’s dark, distant. Water drips from an air conditioner in a windowsill above. The buildings are brick, vintage looking. Graffiti’s sprayed on their walls. “Drink, Laugh, Flirt, Kiss”. The silhouette of a mouse scurries into a drain pipe. The couple above stopped arguing. The streets grew quite. My eyes grew tired. With a duffel bag as a pillow, I lay my head down to sleep.
  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina

Publication Of: Light Throughout The Night

January 1st, 2022

Light Throughout The Night, by George Farina
Today, I am very happy to announce the release and publication of my second book: Light Throughout The Night.

Light Throughout The Night came to life during October of 2018, while I was tent camping. Anticipating November Novel Month, and having the urge to write, inspired me to begin writing Light Throughout The Night.

I began a month early, simply because I knew I couldn’t finish a novel within a month. Just about two years later, 44,632 words later, and 14 chapters later, I was finally putting the finishing touches on the book. A little over a year after finishing the book, I’m finally in a position to release Light Throughout The Night for publication.

Without further ado, I announce the official release and publication of:

Light Throughout The Night, by George Farina

(2022-01-02) Light Throughout The Night is fiction, primarily a drama, specifically, a sports action drama. Even though the story is fiction, the book displays a sense of realness.

Light Throughout The Night is somewhat futuristic, partly educational, with a taste of sexiness. The main character is named Glow. She’s named after the 1980’s television show, G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Regardless of the genre, Light Throughout The Night details Glow’s life story. During the early years of Glow’s life, the deck was stacked against her. Because of her situation, she didn’t have an opportunity to live a decent life. As Glow grew older, she didn’t find her niche in society. Her past kept her from finding happiness.

Light Throughout The Night takes readers from Glow’s birth, through to her adulthood. Her story is passionate, dramatic, and adventurous, while touching upon more serious issues such as child abuse, homelessness and lack of equality. Within the pages of Light Throughout The Night, Glow displays resilience as she tries to find happiness, peace and peace within herself.

To Purchase Light Throughout The Night, please visit:

To learn more about Light Throughout The Night, please visit:

Young Couple

January 1st, 2022
Young Couple
A young couple dances all night. Closing time, gotta grab a bite. Early morning at a local cafe, violin music plays. Hours later, sleeping by the pool. In the evening, together they shower. Dinner at a diner. Flipping through the jukebox, a record spins. Flirtatious conversations. Cake for desert, feeding each other, eyes filled with desire. Late at night, the beach is empty. The cork pops on a bottle, close together they stay. Under the moonlight and stars, conversations about nothing, gleaming smiles, sparkling eyes. As the sun rises, intertwined, they close their eyes. Wake to whistles. Sitting up with a kiss. Shower and laundry. Sunday afternoon, the laundry mat’s filled. Driers spin, steam in the air, glistening skin. Each with a good book, neither could resist. Riding the bus, she pulls the wire. Arriving home, they finish the weekend sleeping in.
  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina

Pink Boxing Gloves

January 1st, 2022
Pink Boxing Gloves
Wearing pink boxing gloves, she stands in the corner of the ring.
Lathered in sweat, she knows she has to win.
Poised and calm, the nervousness is gone.
The crowd cheers. She doesn’t hear a sound.
Her heart beats steady, muscles ready.
Ding Ding.
The battle begins.
  Written by George Farina,

Written by George Farina

Thinking About The City

January 1st, 2022
Thinking About The City

Thinking about the city: Kids playing around a fire hydrant. Water rushes out. They’re smiling, laughing and joking. Others play stickball in the street. Fielders towards the bottom of the street chant, “a batta batta, a batta batta, swing batta”. A mother yells from her windowsill, “Time for dinner”. A kid puts down his stickball bat. Time for him to go in.
An older lady reels clothes in from a clothesline hung over the back alley of her apartment building. The clothesline runs from the fifth story windowsill of a brick building on the other side of the alley to her windowsill. After unclipping her clothes, she folds them just inside her window, watching kids play outside.
A young couple sits on a fire escape overlooking the alley, talking, flirting, being young, enjoying life. Every once in a while he says something intriguing, she lets out a flirtatious giggle, lightly pushing her hands against his thick winter coat.
A man is closing his business, locking the inner door, pulling down a steel outer door covered in graffiti. A line of people wait to board a bus. A lady digs for change in her purse, stepping into the bus at the same time. Minutes later the bus takes off. A homeless lady pushes a cart down the sidewalk, wearing a thick yet torn up old coat. Her cart’s filled with bags, some clothes and cans.
Street lights and trees planted within the sidewalks are decorated with Christmas lights. Flashing neon signs light up storefronts. Display windows are filled with Christmas decorations. Pigeon’s peck at little bites of food near a diner.
A young woman talks on a payphone at the corner. She’s not paying attention to anything around her. She’s enjoying her conversation. She’s laughing. Her arms and hands move as she talks.
A cement building on the other side of the street is boarded up. The boards are covered in graffiti. Some boards are loose. A homeless person’s probably inside. The cold harsh realities of life most likely beat he or she down. Old, dust covered, partially rotten wooden planks as flooring. A candle for light. A cold can of beans for dinner. A dirty old blanket to keep warm. Yet, he or she is much happier sleeping in the abandon building than the streets.
A man in his late twenties rides his bike through the sidewalk, weaving in and out, and around those walking. He has a small radio. Hip hop plays. The music slowly fades. A lady stops at a hotdog cart on her way home from work. She skipped lunch. She’s starving, paying immediately, taking a bite before she’s given her change. She stands next to the cart, finishing her meal before hurrying home.
  Written by George Farina,

Written by George Farina

A Man Stands Outside his Apartment. A Lady Sits On A Bus Bench

January 1st, 2022


Two Heads Lay To Rest
A man stands outside his apartment. A pigeon nests on a nearby windowsill. The faint sound of a train in the distance is soothing. Someone down the street runs after a bus. A cassette tape turns inside a boombox. Street performers breakdance. Chicks wearing Wayfarers and Legwarmers watch. Rain drops slowly fall. Small, soft, calming raindrops. No one seems bothered. A lady sits on a bus bench, desirable, yet she sits alone.
Later at night, inside a nightclub the dance floor’s packed. He’s all alone, looking up, turning, yearning. Lights flash, spotlights, music blasts. Sudden warmth. Breasts against his chest. Her arms wrapped around his waist. Pressed together the music slows, moving to the sounds, hearts pound. Closing time, leaving hand and hand. Through the crowds, to the street into a small pizzeria to grab a bite to eat. Neither asks the other their name. The feelings of temptation are the same. Hours later, bodies drenched in sweat, two heads lay to rest.
  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina

I’ve Lost

January 1st, 2022

I’ve been married.
I’ve been divorced.
I’ve been a winner.
I’ve been a loser.
I lost to the years.
To many years past.
I lost friends.
Many didn’t last.
I lost to society.
I didn’t find my niche.
I lost to capitalism.
I lost to poverty.
I lost to malnourishment.
I’ve lost to health.
I lost the excitement of life.


Written by George Farina

Far From Perfect – By George Farina

July 8th, 2018


I spent most of 2017 writing a book called “Far From Perfect” (described via the below press release). Before I started writing, I decided to put together a timeline of different events I went through during the span of my life. This was done on a spreadsheet. I went back as far as I could remember. I’d enter the date of the event. In the next field I’d write a description. I ended up with about four hundred lines. From there, I decided to start writing.

Once I started writing, I wrote six days a week and spent almost the entire day typing away. I’d go to bed thinking about what I wanted to write the next day. If I thought of something I felt couldn’t wait, I’d often get up in the middle of the night. I’d fire up the computer and jot my thoughts down.

The book took about nine months to finish. Then, I spent about a year making adjustments, while trying to figure out the best way to move forward with publishing. During that year I was often traveling. The adjustments and research were done sparingly, as time permitted. After researching the many different avenues for publication, I decided to take the self publishing route.

Currently, the entire book is being printed and bound by the author. Each book takes about a half hour to put together. Then, the binding is glued and set to dry overnight. The next night the cover is glued to the binding and set to dry overnight. From start to finish it takes two days to create each book. Because of this process, each book is a little different. This is a self published book in every sense of the word. Each book purchased is truly a one of a kind.

The book was written, typed, edited, and proofread in its entirety by the author. Please be understanding in regard to potential errors. There are over 70 thousand words and 285 pages. Even though the author used diligence, he is only human and as such prone to making mistakes. Far From Perfect takes place in East Hampton, Connecticut, Cromwell, Connecticut and Miami, Florida.

Without further ado, I would like to announce the publication of “Far From Perfect” via the below Press Release :

Far From Perfect Press Release:
(Date: 7-8-2018) This press release is to announce the publication of my first book: Far From Perfect – By George Farina. I’m not a New York Times Best Selling Author. I’ve read books on their best seller list. The words flow effortlessly. They are rhythmic. They thrust a person’s imagination into a new and exciting world. Parts of what I’ve written might come close. I guess that’s up to the reader to decide.

In this book I tell a story. It’s a true story. It’s a story that was written with a lot of thought. It’s a story being told as accurately and detailed as possible. It’s a story detailing part of a persons life. It is also an informative story. I try to pass on as many of the things I’ve learnt as possible.

This is a book about a life. It’s about the experiences encountered during that life. The things witnessed. Throughout that life many different events occurred. People entered and left. These were people I met in school. They were neighbors. They were people I met at an abandon 18-wheeler truck trailer, during a time when I didn’t have any other place to stay. They were people I met at events, at work, and even in the middle of the street. I met people through chatrooms, Myspace and Plenty of Fish.

Many of these people took parts of a “far from perfect” life to enjoyable. Their personalities; their character; their charisma made parts of my life exhilarating. They gave me many amazing memories. I relived them vicariously while writing. These are memories I accumulated over the course of forty years.

With that said, as the title states, my life was far from perfect. I’ve been through plenty of struggles. Some of the struggles I didn’t include, simply because I don’t like thinking about them. I know I’m not the only person on this planet who has struggled throughout their life. I didn’t set out to write a book. Circumstances led me to writing. Now that the book is finished, I think people might like hearing a few of the stories I’ve detailed. Others who’ve been through struggles might relate.

When I started writing, I wasn’t in a good place. My head was filled with all that went wrong. It was filled with all the terrible. As I continued writing, I started thinking about the people I’d known, and all the crazy things we’d been through. I thought about their personalities and their sayings. I often laughed to myself as I wrote about them. They drowned out much of the terrible.

Even with many of the terrible times excluded, I wrote about enough struggles to justify keeping the title. I hope the people who decide to read Far From Perfect find it enjoyable.

Far From Perfect can be purchased at: