Dusty Loft: a blog designed to bring a little joy to the lives of many through creatively written diverse blog posts.

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I usually write about things I enjoy. I like to think the majority of others enjoy similar things. I enjoy bike riding, Baseball, public transportation, urban living, cities, females, exuberance, good music, creativity, fiction stories, and non-fiction stories.

Sometimes I write about things I feel others don’t get or show little compassion towards. Homelessness and lack of equality are two of many examples.

Sometimes the fiction stories I write about are based upon things I’ve seen in real life. Other times they aren’t. Many things within the fiction stories I write are good things. Other times, they’re not necessarily good.

Many television shows, books and movies have a sense of realness, regardless of the genre. I feel the same way about some of the blog posts within the Dusty Loft. It’s not always easy to decipher the difference between fiction and reality.

I’ve seen many people emulate things they’ve seen on tv, in the movies or read via books, blog posts or via other materials. Sometimes they emulate things that aren’t good, only to end with undesired consequences.

Many parts of the fiction stories I write are only designed to be enjoyed as words through a person’s imagination.


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