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Questions, Without The Answers: 2023

August 9th, 2023

* How long has your longest friendship lasted, where you speak with your friend at least once a month?

* What things throughout your life have you been most disappointed with?
* What things throughout your live have you been happiest with?

* Have you ever caught someone telling a lie? Did you know they were telling a lie right away or find out sometime later?
* Have you ever told a lie? Why?

* What’s your personal definition of a home?

* What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to another person?
* What’s the best thing you’ve ever done to another person?

* What’s the worst thing another person has ever done to you?
* What’s the best thing another person has ever done to you?

Thinking About The City

January 1st, 2022
Thinking About The City

Thinking about the city: Kids playing around a fire hydrant. Water rushes out. They’re smiling, laughing and joking. Others play stickball in the street. Fielders towards the bottom of the street chant, “a batta batta, a batta batta, swing batta”. A mother yells from her windowsill, “Time for dinner”. A kid puts down his stickball bat. Time for him to go in.
An older lady reels clothes in from a clothesline hung over the back alley of her apartment building. The clothesline runs from the fifth story windowsill of a brick building on the other side of the alley to her windowsill. After unclipping her clothes, she folds them just inside her window, watching kids play outside.
A young couple sits on a fire escape overlooking the alley, talking, flirting, being young, enjoying life. Every once in a while he says something intriguing, she lets out a flirtatious giggle, lightly pushing her hands against his thick winter coat.
A man is closing his business, locking the inner door, pulling down a steel outer door covered in graffiti. A line of people wait to board a bus. A lady digs for change in her purse, stepping into the bus at the same time. Minutes later the bus takes off. A homeless lady pushes a cart down the sidewalk, wearing a thick yet torn up old coat. Her cart’s filled with bags, some clothes and cans.
Street lights and trees planted within the sidewalks are decorated with Christmas lights. Flashing neon signs light up storefronts. Display windows are filled with Christmas decorations. Pigeon’s peck at little bites of food near a diner.
A young woman talks on a payphone at the corner. She’s not paying attention to anything around her. She’s enjoying her conversation. She’s laughing. Her arms and hands move as she talks.
A cement building on the other side of the street is boarded up. The boards are covered in graffiti. Some boards are loose. A homeless person’s probably inside. The cold harsh realities of life most likely beat he or she down. Old, dust covered, partially rotten wooden planks as flooring. A candle for light. A cold can of beans for dinner. A dirty old blanket to keep warm. Yet, he or she is much happier sleeping in the abandon building than the streets.
A man in his late twenties rides his bike through the sidewalk, weaving in and out, and around those walking. He has a small radio. Hip hop plays. The music slowly fades. A lady stops at a hotdog cart on her way home from work. She skipped lunch. She’s starving, paying immediately, taking a bite before she’s given her change. She stands next to the cart, finishing her meal before hurrying home.
  Written by George Farina,

Written by George Farina

Questions, Without The Answers: 2022

January 1st, 2022
In 2020 I posted a blog post with bunch of questions without the answers. The below post is similar, with different questions.

* What are some of the things you’ve done, for which you didn’t apologize, though, should have apologized?

* During the course of your life, who were / are the people who have cared about you the most? Why did they care about you? How much do you know about them? What are the things you don’t know about them?

* During the course of your life, who are the people you’ve cared about the most? How did you show them you cared? How much do you know about them? What are the things you don’t know about them?

* If you owned your own TV channel, what shows would play?

* What things do you dislike? What things do you like?

* Can the murder of a person’s life take place over many years? Can thousands of people take part in the murder of a single person’s life?

* Do you use words, words where your own personal definition of the word differs from the definition in the dictionary?

* What unique things have you done, things the majority of others haven’t done?

* If you were ever married or in a long term relationship, what did you learn from your marriage or relationship?

* Who are the people who made a negative difference in your life? Who are the people who made a positive difference in your life?

* What are some things you don’t know?

* How many items have been stolen from you? Did you ever find out who stole your items? Were they recovered?

* What are some things you did regularly in the past, you don’t do anymore?

* What was the worst decision of your life? What was the best decision of your life?

Written by George Farina