Where The Water Gel’s With The Sand

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A lady in her late 20’s walks alone in the Ocean where the water gels with the sand. She’s wearing a summer dress. Her dirty blond hair is long, wavy and moist. A leather shoulder strap purse hangs from her shoulder, moving elegantly with her hips as she walks.

Her hair and dress blow lightly in the warm Ocean breeze. Water flows slowly over her feet. An orange and yellow sky surrounds the sun as it sets deep into the Ocean.

As day turns to dusk, she exits the Ocean, taking a seat upon her laid out towel, looking deep into the sky. Soon thereafter, laying her head to sleep.

The night rapidly grew cold. She curls up to keep warm, tightly pressing her legs against her midsection and breast, pulling her towel over her body, tucking her arms between her thighs.

The next morning the sun begins to warm the cold Ocean air. Shivering, she slowly sits up, running her feet through the dry sand as she warms. A lighter blue sky hovers over the much darker ocean. The waves are larger than the previous night. The sounds are crisper, louder. The air is windier.

Alone, with desperation in her voice, she sings, vocals scream from within. Lyrics filled with despair. Her voice filled with beauty, echoing, mile after mile, harmonious, desperate tones flow from deep within her lungs.


Written by George Farina: GeorgeFarina.net

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