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A Man Stands Outside his Apartment. A Lady Sits On A Bus Bench

January 1st, 2022


Two Heads Lay To Rest
A man stands outside his apartment. A pigeon nests on a nearby windowsill. The faint sound of a train in the distance is soothing. Someone down the street runs after a bus. A cassette tape turns inside a boombox. Street performers breakdance. Chicks wearing Wayfarers and Legwarmers watch. Rain drops slowly fall. Small, soft, calming raindrops. No one seems bothered. A lady sits on a bus bench, desirable, yet she sits alone.
Later at night, inside a nightclub the dance floor’s packed. He’s all alone, looking up, turning, yearning. Lights flash, spotlights, music blasts. Sudden warmth. Breasts against his chest. Her arms wrapped around his waist. Pressed together the music slows, moving to the sounds, hearts pound. Closing time, leaving hand and hand. Through the crowds, to the street into a small pizzeria to grab a bite to eat. Neither asks the other their name. The feelings of temptation are the same. Hours later, bodies drenched in sweat, two heads lay to rest.
  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina