76 Words

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76 Words
Infinite, Determination, Gibberish, Poser, Sellout, Thoughtful, Preparation, Dignity, Cherish, Loyal, Perception, Morals, Desire, Precise, Elaborate, Crucial, Meticulous, Eloquent, Spunk, Unconventional.
Ambition, Quirky, Advantageous, Merciless, Perplexed, Funky, Feasible, Disgruntled, Ingenuity, Spectacle, Dazzling, Charade, Vividly, Catastrophic, Improvise, Mysterious, Exceptional, Formidable, Brazen.
Decisive, Discretion, Spunk, Preposterous, Charismatic, Majestic, Vial, Glamour, Vague, Gritty, Fascinating, Smug, Moping, Prevail, Impervious, Snide, Invigorating, Murmur, Infatuated, Sympathize, Hissed.
Sluggish, Nonchalant, Thickish, Tantalizing, Subjective, Fussy, Irate, Victory, Mutual, Rift, Sleek, Frayed, Harsh, Perhaps, Zesty, Genuine.
  Written by George Farina, www.GeorgeFarina.net


Written by George Farina

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