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Ahh, the cap of a beer twists open. Faint echo’s in the distance. The sound of rushing water. Leaves rustling. A homeless man plucking the strings of a guitar. A sexy accent. A vintage ceiling fan squeaks as it slowly turns. Peanuts, peanuts, get your fresh roasted peanuts. Arepa, Arepa, Arepa, Arepa. A train rapidly thunders through a city. Heals clanking against tiles. A stomach’s growl. Wind howls. A sigh, getting in bed late at night, after working all day. A woman giggling while flirting. The sound of new sneakers squeaking. The pitter patter of a heartbeat. A rain storm pounding a puddle. Low heals shuffling down a hallway. Dong, dong, a clock strikes midnight. A metal bed frame squeaks, crackling at the slightest movement. Buuzzzz, buuzzzz, snooze, buuzzzz, buuzzzz, snooze, time to get up. A warm sweatshirt crackles with static as it’s pulled overhead. A cat purring. The silence of a mime.
  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina

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