The Power Of Words

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The Power Of Words

Words describe, explain, express, convey. Words tell stories. Words bring joy and sorrow. Words come in all sizes, shapes and forms. Caring, thoughtful, honest and kind. Anger scathing, anguish and rude. Written from feelings, derived from life. Some written with desperation. Others with love. Words put what’s on the inside out. Thoughts, feelings, ideas and notes. Some words are written not to forget. Some with regret. Some with joy. Some words are jumbled, written under stress. Some to vent. Others to teach. Books are written, stories are told. Days are described. In a journal they go. Some go live, in a blog or newspaper. Some written to deceive, written with malice and anger. Some written from being deceived, written from pain within. Some written with passion, showing a person’s deepest feelings within.

  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina:

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