Spontaneous, Thrives, Strives, Alive, Doesn’t Compromise

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Spontaneous, Thrives, Strives, Alive, Doesn’t Compromise

A city chick, cute hot, with a shapely figure, low top sneakers, jeans, and a sweatshirt with somewhat loose sleeves. Their length is just past her knuckles, small pudgy knuckles, lightly clinched around the ends of the sleeves.

Bright eyes, pouty lips with a flirtatious grin. A foreign accent. A delicate kind voice. She likes to chit chat.

Thick hips. Soft flesh. Sensual scents. Plentiful, soft wavy long hair with highlights.

A pleasant personality. Spontaneous, thrives, strives, alive, doesn’t compromise. Vulnerable, emotional, strong, honest, loyal, compassionate, understanding, resilient.

  Written by George Farina, www.GeorgeFarina.net


Written by George Farina: GeorgeFarina.net

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