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A Fun Little RC Car – Megatech MegaPro 1/18 Scale RC Car

July 25th, 2017

The MegaTech MegaPro RC car is great fun and very durable making this video today’s Green Tea Break. It’s 4wd; its fast and can handle almost any off road condition with ease. The MegaPro is 1/18 scale and is well balanced. They were being sold new (I think through Radio Shack) back in 2009. At least that is when the car I own was purchased. However, from what I can see through, they stopped making / selling this model. It can be found used and there are still replacement parts available as well as aftermarket parts. Some of the modifications that can be purchased are dual engine kits(allowing a second engine to be installed in the car), oil shocks and different types of tires.

Megatech Megapro Remote Control TruckMegatech Megapro Remote Control Truck

Megatech Megapro RC TruckMegatech Megapro Remote Control Truck