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Food And Festivities

January 1st, 2022
Food And Festivities
  Fresh Roasted Peanuts At A Baseball Game
  Fried Dough At A Fair
  Ice Cream On A Hot Summer Day
  Coffee Early In The Morning
  Heart Shaped Chocolates For Valentines Day
  Turkey During Thanksgiving
  Candy During Halloween
  Easter Eggs During Easter
  Cakes During Birthdays
  Pastries Christmas Morning
  Champaign During New Years, As The Clock Strikes Midnight
  A Beer While Socializing
  A Slice Of Pizza At A Small Streetside Pizzarea
  Egg And Cheese Bagels For Breakfast
  Sandwiches For Lunch
  A Blueberry Muffin On The Go
  Stuffed Mushrooms For Brunch
  Home Cooked Meals For Dinner
  Coffee Cake For Desert
  TV Dinners While Watching Television
  Cheezie Fries As A Midnight Snack
  Chicken Broth On A Cold Winter Day
  PB&J’s During Picnics
  Fresh Fruit And Vegetables From A Farmers Market
  A Drink Of Cold Water After Exercising
  Smoothies For Nourishment
  Mango’s From A Mango Tree
  A Milkshake From A Diner
  A Donut With Sprinkles At The Donut Shop
  A Croissant At The Bakery
  M&M’s From A Vending Machine
  A Grilled Cheese Sandwich With A Friend
  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina