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Baseball 2022 V2

September 14th, 2022
Baseball 2022

Double Deck, The On Deck Circle, Warm Up Swings, Stepping To The Plate, Batter Up! Digging In, Opposite Field Hits, Bloopers, Line Drives, Doubles To The Gap, Baltimore Chops, Short Hops, The Scoop, The Off Balance Throw, You’re Out!

A Swooping Curve. The swing. Whiff! Ring Um Up, Sit Um Down. The Steal, The Pitch Out, The Throw, See Ya, Caught Stealing.

The Hidden Ball Trick, The Lead, Fooled! The Long, Slow Walk To The Doug Out.

Deep To Right, Off The Wall, Hustling Around Second, The Throw, The Slide, The Tag, The Call, Safe! Arguing The Call, You’re Outta Here!

Swinging For The Fences. Deep to Right. Is It Deep Enough? Is It Far Enough? Is It High Enough? Going, Going, Gone! It’s Outta Here! Upper Deck Home Run! Cheers. The Curtin Call. The Bow.

Bunts, Pickles, Over The Shoulder Catches, Double Plays, Infield Flies, Fielders Choices. A Diving Stop! He’s Up, The Throw, Gottem By A Half Step!

The Wind Got A Hold Of That Ball. Does It Have The Distance? The Fielder’s Back, At The Warning Track, At The Wall, The Leap! Does He Have It? Robbed!

MVP’s, Triple Crown Winners, 20 Game Winners, 1st Draft Picks. Rosters, Trades, Free Agents, Drafts. The Call Up To The Majors, Rookie Day Views. Statisticians, The Stats, Extra Base Hits, WOR, Strike Outs, Home Runs.

Wild Pitches, Lob Pitches, Intentional Walks, Closers, The Call To The Bullpen, The Bench, Pinch Hitters, DH’s, Slumps, Hitting Streaks, Dome Stadiums, Double Headers, Extra-Inning Games, Interleague Play, The Score Card, 1 Run Games, No Hitters, The 27th Out, Standing Ovations

  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina: