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Aboard A Train

September 14th, 2022

Train tracks sit atop an overpass. Minutes later a train thunders past. Soon thereafter, slowing as it enters a train station.

The train station’s platform overlooks the city. The buildings are tallish, mostly brick, close to each other, without any balconies, urban looking. Pedestrians walk and ride their bikes through the streets below.

The trains double doors slide open. An elderly man riding an electric scooter boards, quickly finding an out of the way opening just as the trains doors slide closed.

Advertisements are sporadically placed throughout the interior of the train.

A guy and gal board the train at the next stop. They’re in their mid-20’s, hiphopish. He’s wearing a bandana, baggy jeans, a new shirt, very bright, oversized, with a length to his thighs, and new sneakers. The tung hangs out. The shoelaces are loose.

Her hair is plentiful and held up. Strands hang down just past her neck, covering part of the back of her neck. She’s wearing a light sweatshirt flowing to her waist, with snug fitting jeans, not to tight, not to loose, comfortable looking, and new sneakers.

They’re all business. Hustling. Each carrying a few bags of M&M’s, quickly offering them to passengers for a dollar. “M&M’s, a Dollar, M&M’s, a dollar”, they speak loudly, each selling a few before opening the doors to the next train car.

Minutes later, the train slows. The lights flicker as it maneuvers through a tunnel.

A man sits alone in the last seat. He’s fast asleep. The flickering lights don’t wake him. He looks as if he’s been out for a while. He looks as if he doesn’t have a place of his own to rest his head.
Just after the train exits the tunnel, a transit worker enters from the previous train car, walking the length of the train, making sure everything’s ok with the passengers.

He pauses as he passes the man sleeping, briefly looking at him, then, keeps walking. He was kind, he didn’t have the heart to tell the man he can’t sleep on the train. He didn’t have the heart to throw him out to the streets.

A few minutes later, the horn sounds, the brakes squeal as the train approaches the next train station. The name of the train station echo’s over the intercom. The doors slide open.

The train reached the last stop. Everyone exits except the man sleeping. He’ll get another hour of sleep during the next train ride.


Written by George Farina: