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Hitching A Ride Aboard A Freight Train

September 14th, 2022

The horn sounds from the Locomotive of an old freight train. Steam fills the air. The large steel wheels begin to turn, slowly the train chugs forward.

Security guards walk alongside the train, walking the length of the train, turning back towards the guard booth as the train picks up speed.

A couple hides in the woods at the far end of the freight yard, watching, waiting.

They spent most of the previous night at a bar on the other side of the woods, flirting, laughing, getting to know each other before making their way through the woods to the freight yard.

As the train reaches the end of the freight yard, at the last possible second, bolt from the woods, through a small field, powering through knee high grass, each holding the other’s hand, laughing, smiling as they run, yelling, “Hurry!, Hurry!” over the noise of the train, pulling each other forward trying to match the speed of the train.

He falls behind as they approach the train, she grabs hold of the railing, leveraging her foot atop the bottom rung of a small ladder attached to a boxcar, pulling herself up as he lifts her from behind. Soon thereafter he grabs hold of the railing, lifting himself onto the same ladder just as the train exits the train yard.

Together, they slide the heavy steel door open just enough to squeeze through the opening, sliding the door closed as soon as they’re inside.

Standing side by side, breathing heavy, looking at the other with sparkling exuberance, she softly hip checks him. He pulls her in close, giving her a warm kiss, then a hug, pressing her head against his chest, holding her body tight against his. A few seconds later, the couple looks around the almost empty boxcar.

Large bags of rice are situated throughout. Individual grains of rice spilt from the bags are spread over the floor. He moves a bunch of bags of rice towards the back corner of the boxcar, positioning them into the shape of a daybed.

When he finished, she grabbed his hand, extending his arm as she pulls him towards the back of the boxcar, together, taking a seat next to each other atop the bags of rice.

He sat in the corner, leaning back against bags of rice stacked a couple rows higher. She sat next to him, curled up as he holds her between his arms. The side of her upper body and head rest against his chest and shoulders as she holds him at the same time.

The train is loud, vibrating as they lay. Neither is bothered by the noise or vibrations. Minutes later they close their eyes, falling asleep in each other’s arms.


Written by George Farina: