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Tips for Living a Greener Lifestyle

February 14th, 2011

Are you looking to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle? Going green can be a great way to help preserve our earth and its many resources. Taking small steps to reduce your footprint on earth can be the start of a green lifestyle. Take these tips into consideration when planning to live a green life.

• Save water. We rely on water for a number of things. Cutting back on water can help to make sure that our water lasts for many years to come. Taking shorter baths and showers is a great way to lower water usage. It is also a great idea to make sure that you don’t leave faucets running. Not only will these steps help to conserve water, but it will also help to lower the expense of your water bill.

• Eliminate excess electricity usage. While electricity is a resource that we use often throughout the day, sometimes we over-use electricity. One example of this is leaving lights on in rooms that we are not in. When you leave a room, make sure that you turn the lights off. It is also a good idea to make sure that you do not leave electronics such as computers, TVs, and stereos on when you are not using them. There is no reason to leave these items on when they are not in use. You can help conserve electricity as well as save on your electric bill by cutting usage.

• Only print when you need to. Most people print in excess both at home and the office. While sometimes it is important to print certain documents, cutting out unneeded printer can save on ink and paper. Paper is one of the most wasted resources. Consider cutting down on printing. Also reuse printed papers when possible. You can use the backs of paper for writing notes.

• Recycle everything that you can! If your town participates in recycling, take advantage of it! It only takes a few more minutes out of your day to sort recyclables. With recycling, new products are able to be made from old ones. This is a great way to reuse all of our resources!

• Consider different commute options. While we all have to get to school and work, there are different ways to do so. If you can walk or ride a bike, take advantage of this opportunity. You can save money and gas. You can also save on gas by taking public transportation.

The above tips are just a few ideas that can help get you started. With a little time and effort, you will be well on your way to living a greener lifestyle. Appreciate our earth and make sure that its resources last for a long time!