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Writing, Thoughts 2022, V2

January 1st, 2022
Writing, Thoughts 2022, V2

Walking in the ocean where the waves mesh with the sand. An early morning bike ride, stopping over a river, watching the fish jump out of the water. Wild horses running through a field. Art is beautiful. The art of war isn’t. Late nights, midnight snacks, flirtatious chats. Christmas lights in the city, ever so pretty. Bright stars, deep within the night sky. Lounging, holding another tight within your arms, held tight within another’s arms. Warm bodies. Kind words. Sensual scents. Heartbeats. Thriving, striving, alive, spontaneous, laughing, living, yearning, flirting. Long hair, summer dresses blowing lightly from a cool ocean breeze. Pedaling a bike through slow moving traffic on a busy city street. Messenger bags. Duffel bags, Leather shoulder strap purses.
  Written by George Farina,

Written by George Farina