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Simple, Enjoyable Things

January 1st, 2022
Simple, Enjoyable Things
A cup of coffee, A good conversation, PB & J’s. A walk through a park, A bike ride, Gardening, Watching the sun rise, Writing, Reading, Playing catch, Thinking, Laughing, Swimming, Lounging, Camping, Campfires, Smores, Looking up at the stars, Kissing, Spontaneity, Exuberance, Listening to bird’s chirp, Bird watching, Flying a kite, Swinging on a swing, Picnics, A cold beer on a hot day, Baking, Massages, Exercising, Praying, Learning, Walking a dog, Petting a cat, Feeding fish, Watching a thunderstorm from indoors, Watching snow fall, Ice skating, Roller skating, Skateboarding, Creating, Photography, Playing an instrument, Listening to music, Dancing, A fruit smoothie, Christmas lights, A bus ride late at night, A train ride, Coloring Easter Eggs, Eating chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Carving a Pumpkin.
  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina