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Simple Enjoyable Things 2022 V2

September 14th, 2022
Good Things, Enjoyable Things 2022 V2

Sleeping in, Snuggling, Midnight Snacks, Homemade Pizza, Brick Oven Pizza’s, Exuberance, Honesty, Gardens, Rooftop Gardens, Urban Gardens, Patio Gardens, Sun Rises, Sun Sets, Amusement Parks, Peace, Freedom, Inspiration, Swag, Uniqueness, Kindness, God, Prayers, Invigorating Conversations, Public Transportation, Tag Sales, Book Fairs, Early Morning Mist. A bike ride at night, through a quiet neighborhood, during Christmas time, enjoying the views of Christmas lights. Slowly drifting down a slightly steep hill. Giving a gift. Receiving a gift. Reading a good book. A kiss. Internet Caffe’s. Fitness Festivals. Diversity, Culture, Unique Cultures. A cool breeze during a warm day. Live music. Smiling from the inside. Browsing through the magazines of a magazine stand. Watching a favorite tv show from years past, the image quality is average at best, yet the show is as good as the memories previously instilled.

  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina: