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Episode Review: Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther

September 14th, 2022

The below blog post is a slightly dramatized episode review of an episode from the 1970’s television series Wonder Woman, Season 1, Episode 1: Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther.

Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther: Diana and Steve suspect Baroness von Gunther of criminal activity. However, she’s currently imprisoned.

The two IADC agents decide to visit the prison to question The Baroness.

While questioning her, Diana looks out the window of the prison. The Warden’s son, Tommy, is playing in an unoccupied open area of the prison yard where a fire escape ladder is attached to the building. Tommy decided to climb the ladder. As he neared the top of the building, the ladder jars loose.

Seeing Tommy in danger of falling from the side of the building, Diana immediately excuses herself from the conversation. Seconds after exiting the prison cell, raising her arms to shoulder height, turning rapidly, spinning, spinning into Wonder Woman. Then, running to the other side of the prison yard to rescue Tommy.

After rescuing Tommy, the superheroine and Tommy begin chatting. He’s an avid Wonder Woman fan, the two quickly gain an admiration for each other.

When their conversation ends, Wonder Woman asks Tommy to take her Magic Lasso, hide it somewhere safe until she could get it at a later date.

However, unbeknownst to Wonder Woman, when she gave Tommy her Lasso, The Baroness was looking out the prison’s window, watching her give the youngster The Lasso of Truth.

Knowing the value of Wonder Woman’s Lasso, The Baroness sent a member of her crew to follow Tommy.

Tommy led Wonder Woman’s foe to the secret location where he hid Wonder Woman’s Magic Lasso, allowing the Baroness’s crew member to confiscate The Lasso of Truth.

Soon thereafter, Wonder Woman learnt her Lasso was missing.
The Baroness escaped her prison cell as well, capturing Steve soon thereafter.

Now a free woman, now yielding the power of Wonder Woman’s Magic Lasso, hiding out at a secret location with Steve as her prisoner.
Yet, all was not said and done. With the help of Tommy’s investigative work, Wonder Woman learnt the location of The Baroness’s hideout.

In an attempt to recover her lasso, rescue Steve, and capture the Baroness, Wonder Woman snuck into The Baroness ‘s hideout.
The superheroine quietly snuck through the backyard, cautiously, quietly opening the back door, making sure the coast was clear as she entered.

None the less, regardless of Wonder Woman’s caution, she wasn’t cautious enough, The Baroness was prepared for the superheroine’s invasion.

Knowing Wonder Woman was entering, The Baroness hid behind the door as it opened, shielding herself from Wonder Woman’s view.

As the superheroine entered, she gently closed the door behind her, leaving herself vulnerable to anyone hiding behind the door. That’s when The Baroness sprayed her with a knock-out potion. Wonder Woman instantly passed out, fell to the floor, laying unconscious at the feet of her foe.

The Baroness chained the unconscious superheroine to a chair with thick chains. Chains with the look and strength, even a superheroine such as Wonder Woman couldn’t break.

Hours later, dazed, captured, Wonder Woman regains consciousness. The Baroness and Wonder Woman engage in a conversation. As the conversation continues, Wonder Woman begins to regain her superstrength, eventually gaining enough strength to break the chains.

Despite Wonder Woman’s superpowers, due the thickness of the chains, escaping them isn’t immediate, the captured superheroine struggles, slowly breaking free of the chains with the use of all her superstrength. As Wonder Woman free’s herself, The Baroness makes her escape attempt, running out the back door, running through a yard with a somewhat steep downhill slope.

Wonder Woman is slowed even further, having to fend off a few of the Baroness’s thugs after she breaks free of the chains. Nevertheless, after defeating them, she gives chase to The Baroness, catching up to her before she reaches the end of the yard, tackling The Baroness from behind.

The two foes fall to the ground, begin tumbling down the hill, fighting as they tumble, with each getting the best of the other at times during the battle.

As the two foes reach the bottom of the hill, The Baroness’s fighting skills exceed that of the superheroine, knocking Wonder Woman onto her keister at the bottom of the hill.

Now freed from the superheroine, The Baroness quickly continues to make her escape, continuing to run across the yard.

Wonder Woman recovers, standing seconds later. Regardless, The Baroness put quite a distance between herself and the superheroine.
Wonder Woman quickly grabs her Magic Lasso from the side of her belt, twirls it above her head.

The Baroness keeps running. She’s almost out of the superheroines range, almost across the yard to freedom, running near a pool located towards the end of the yard.

Wonder Woman releases her Magic Lasso, seconds later, landing the loop around the Baroness’s upper body and arms, capturing the villain, fling her foe into the pool at the same time.
Minutes later, Wonder Woman reals in the drenched villain from the pool, into her grasps.

Written by George Farina,

Written by George Farina at