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1990’s, Computers, Internet, The World Wide Web

September 14th, 2022
1990’s Internet

GNN (Global Network Navigator), AOL, 50 Hours Of Free AOL CD’s, Kewl, BRB, WebTV, Netscape Navigator, Altavista, IM’s, AIM, IRC, Serial Ports,, CompuServe, Slingo, Lotus 1,2,3. Dot Matrix Printers, PS2, Windows 3.1, MS Dos, WordPerfect, Usenet, Guestbooks, Webrings, You’ve Got Mail, 14.4K Modems, 56K Modems, Dial Up Connections, Tube Monitors, Basic, Cassette Tape Storage Drives, Iwon, Geocities, Fortune City, TechTV, Screen Savers, The Food Map, Million Dollar Homepage, Pentium, Pentium II Computer Chips, Voice Synthesizers, 5 ½ Floppy Disks, 3 ¼ Floppy Disks, Web Rings,
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  Written by George Farina,


Written by George Farina: